Saturday, 14 August 2010

Buildings and a Water Wagon

I've been working on some buildings and a couple of modelling projects in the last week

Some refurbished HO (1:87) buildings (obtained during the last year from local Toy & train fairs) - they've had a repaint where needed and larger doors added, printed on thick paper from images garnished from the internet, so the 25/28mm figs don't look out of place when near them.
This lovely mill is from the Bachmann Scenecraft range.  I'm currently trying to decide how to fit it in with my river sections.
And lastly the water cart for my 40mm collection is ready for painting, after some work putting harness on the plastic horse with green stuff.


  1. Using larger doors, very clever indeed...

  2. For the water mill, might I suggest a separate flumeway that would tie into your river sections both above and below the mill? I've seen examples of that arrangement both in Europe and the US.


  3. really been enjoying all the fantastic modeling and "kit bashing" you have been doing lately...really amazing!

  4. Love the mill and the water waggon. :-)