Monday, 19 July 2010

Castle Bashing (6) - New Gatehouse and Town

I've used up the last bits of the castle; the remaining piece of wall was cut in half and built up to form the side pieces of a gatehouse; the main structure of the gatehouse is foamboard, with cardboard used for detailing; roofs are done using paper sheets stuck to cardboard.

All of the wall and tower sections now assembled in the corner of my gaming table with most of my bulidings to fill in for part of a large town or city ...
The forces leaving the town are from the Duchy of Fenwick (a battalion of RSM figs and some Front Rank and Old Glory staff). A couple of close-up views of the gatehouse...


  1. Wow -- that just looks amazing!

  2. Wow is right! You've bashed together an excellent collection of buildings and walls from that plastic castle. Very nice work!

  3. An excelent effort- super work and most inspirational!

  4. absolutely marvelous, and I do hope that you'll do some more set ups and photos!!!
    Will this ever appear at an American gaming event?