Saturday 24 April 2010

Palace Interior (7) - a visit to the cellar ...

The King is paying a visit to the cellar, where all his supplies of beer and brandy are stored. The palace complex includes a brewery. The beer, known as 'Königlieblingbrau' is brought to the large cellar for lagering then put into smaller barrels to move it to the kitchens or offsite to other royal residences.

I hadn't planned to do the cellar, but I got the idea when I saw the large plastic barrels at a local 'car boot' sale. A nice simple room to construct, the walls and floor are printed paper stone and flagstone sheets, the doorframe is a made from cardboard with the door from a scanned in image of part of a old model railway building; the large table is a piece of dolls house furniture with the legs cut down.


  1. Why doesn't my basement have one of those?

    -- Jeff

  2. Now that's a King's cellar!

    A 'simple room to construct' maybe (for someone with your skills), but an achievement.


  3. I really like this. Your little scenic pieces really add to the background of the kingdom of Wittenberg. - Mike

  4. Yes, we all need one of these in (under) our homes! Nice work and very effective.



  5. A beer cellar Reich Duke Wilhelm would be proud of!!!

  6. A beautiful scene - it must have required endless labour to conceal all the whips, iron maidens, shackles, forges, and the like, so neatly :)

  7. Nice work!
    Is the little guy on the right the wine steward or whatever they're called? (he looks like he's a bit shorter than his hair, as they say)

    This reminds of the wonderful wine cellar scene in the Laurel and Hardy movie, "The Devil's Brother". The movie takes place in northern Italy in the tricorne era. Highly recommended if you've never seen it.