Thursday, 8 April 2010

40mm Jagers - conversions

Having spent the last two days setting up my new Windows 7 PC and transferring my files over it was nice to get back to doing some modelling. I finshed some 40mm jager conversions

I had ordered some Sash & Sabre AWI hessian jagers, plus a couple of suitable Front Rank figs from their AWI range. All figs needed their gaiters delineating. Then with few arm swaps and tweaks I've now got some more varied figs to add to Wittenbergs King's Jagers unit.

List of  modifications (Left to right):
Sash & Sabre-  new head for hornist
Sash & Sabre - hornist, horn removed
Sash & Sabre - Officer, new arms (from donor figs)
Front Rank - hessian officer with fusil, Sash &Sabre head, musket shortened
Front Rank - british light infantry officer,Sash &Sabre head. arms replaced from donor figs.