Wednesday, 21 April 2010

40mm Wittenberg Regiment - Von Schonberg

Some regular troops to re-inforce the troops involved in the border wars against Saxe-Jarlsberg. I went for the Saxony's green coated regiment which in ~1740 wore a tricorn (during SYW was known as Von Rochow with fusilier hats). The regiment on parade ...
A closeup of the command group, the drummer was tricky to paint as it was yellow lace on white, so I've used a bit of black hightlighting.
[Figs: All cast from 40mm Creartec molds, apart from officer and drummer which are Irregular Miniatures with Creartec heads.  All the musketeers are grenadier castings with their heads removed and replaced with ones cast from them artillery crew mold.]

Whats next, well I'll be back to painting some 25/28mm figs, a new palace room is under construction, plus a upcoming game - plenty to keep me busy.


  1. They look splendid, and I've just noticed the new banner photograph too; very posh.

  2. I like how you painted that drummer. Nice, sir.

    -- Jeff

  3. Very nice!
    Sounds like we've got some things to look forward, too, here, as well. :)