Friday, 9 April 2010

Monrovian Army - new additions

To finish off the next phase of my Monrovian army expansion I needed 2 infantry battalions and 2 cavalry regiments. I liked the look of the Irregular Miniatures austrian infanrty and prussian hussars; they also provide a painting service so for a change I decided to give that a try. So off went the order last month, they arrived a couple of days ago.

As I'm on my Easter week holiday, I've got plenty of time for painting and modelling. Yesterday in between some little DIY jobs I based up the two new units for the Monrovian army.
General Stricknein rides out to inspect the new addtions to his 'Army of the East'...

A closeup of the infantry (I've added the flags and a mounted officer from Foundry)..
I'm particularly pleased with the hussars, I carefully modified one of them to carry a guidon ..
Also in the lead mountain for the Monrovian army is a regiment of Crusader cuirassiers and a battalion of RSM infantry - these will be painted up in due to course.

What about Wittenberg, they must surely need to keep up with the 'army' race; don't worry also waiting to be painted are some Front Rank cuirassiers and an infantry regiment. In addition to those I plan to add another 4 battalions of infantry - this will eventually complete the Wittenland army corps.


  1. Agreed! And I really that hussar conversion. . . the figure who carries the guidon. I'll eventually need to do something similar for a regiment of RSM Prussian hussars that are in the painting queue here at present.

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  2. Very nice additions to your armies!

  3. Those Hussars look splendid! Based on these fine fellows, Green is going to be my next color of choice for one of my units!

  4. A very nice hussar unit, there.