Friday, 23 April 2010

Monrovians invade Duchy of Zomverre

Away to the west on the other side of Monrovia the advance guard of their Army of the West has crossed into the Duchy of Zomverre. Some units who had arrived the night before had camped further up the valley and are now forming up for their next move ...

The commander of the advance guard tries to sort out the confusion at the river crossing ...
Meanwhile up the valley an officer tries to get an infantry regiment to move into the nearest village, the commander is reluctant as he is concerned that they are becoming detached from the rest of the advance guard ..
Scouts from the Duchy of Zomverre are delighted that the Monrovians deployment is in a mess, a courier departs to take the news to their commander who is nearby with the army ..

to be continued ...

Can anyone figure out the scenario inspiration ? which battle from a famous book (no more clues..)


  1. Excellent as usual and proves you don't need a monster table to have fun!

  2. Is it peraphs The Battle of Sittangbad from Charge

  3. Great looking game - I have no idea; I'm going to go with.... The Battle of the Hundred Acre Wood from Pooh and the Art of War.

  4. Beat drums and piper blow;
    The battle result we soon shall know.

    -- Jeff

  5. Well done those who identified the scenario is based on The Battle of Sittangbad from Charge

    -- Allan