Saturday 8 August 2009

Palace Interior (1) - initial tryout rooms

To go with my palace diorama (see I also wanted to have some rooms to represent the interior of the palace. I looked round for suitable items to start from and eventually settled on using cardboard DVD and CD boxes. I bought one of each to make up some 'tryout' rooms; I removed one side of each box and put it aside for spare cardboard along with the lids.

The DVD box I have made into the palace entrance hall. The door porticos and the floor tile sheet are from a Dolls House supplier; columns are made from wooden dowel. The stairs are made from foam board and cardboard. The decor will not be pinky red when it is finished !

The CD box I made into a generic room (the door porticos and carpet are from a Dolls House supplier). The idea is to make sets of items to give different rooms - eg bookcases for a library.

Full decoration and fitting out of the rooms may take a while. I expect to finish the entrance hall first.


  1. Your clear plastic bases really work to good effect in these interiors.

    Great execution of the idea.


  2. Wonderful presentation you are working on here.

  3. You have been busy. How have I missed your posts :( Looking very nice.

  4. Your vignettes are simply the best!!!

  5. What a nice (and very creative) idea . . . and, yes, the clear bases will be very very effective indoors.

    -- Jeff

  6. Actually, I think the pinky-red looks good with the black and white diamond pattern flooring.