Saturday, 8 August 2009

Bridge over the River Oudear

One of the things I'd planned for my wider river sections was a bridge. I was stuck for ideas until I found two old tins of 'minibrix' at a car-boot sale (minibrix was a pre-cursor of lego made from a rubber compound). Ah-ha I thought just right to build the structure of a bridge, so I bought them. After spending an afternoon playing with the bricks and accessories, I decided to use them to to make the basic bridge structure and then add a flat wooden bridge top - the idea being that an older bridge had been repaired. So here it is with a few figs to get some idea of the scale of it ...


  1. The bridge looks good . . . but since you game in both scales, are these 28mm figures? or 40mm figures?

    -- Jeff

  2. Stunning scenery

    Ditto Jeffs question

  3. Another great looking piece of scenery but it looks like you will need to add a lifting section to let that barge through!


  4. Morning Allan,

    What a neat bridge and town/river scene! The "people" conversing atop the bridge with the boats about to pass beneath are an especially neat touch as are the small white "rapids" painted onto your river surface. Lovely work all the way around.

    Best Regards,



    The latest 40mm unit of grenadiers is equally impressive.

  5. Jeff: The bridge is for my 25/28mm figs.

    Ian: lifting bridge ? what I good idea; anyway the small boats on the river Oudear have masts that they can take down to go under low bridges

    -- Allan