Sunday, 19 April 2009

Grand Designs (7) - Palace Diorama

Its late in the afternoon and the King and Queen are returning to the Palace after the building works have been completed. The King can see his foot guards on parade as the coach approaches the palace.

The sentries from the Garde Suisse stand to attention as the coach approaches ...

The coach draws up in front of the palace; the King and Queen stand back to admire the new portico ..
Count Hermann Munster (who had been supervising the building works), welcomes the king back ..

Some of the court are having a late afternoon walk in the gardens ...

A closeup of the golden cherub fountain (I wonder where the water comes out from when it is operational ?) ..

Materials used:
1. 6ft by 9 inch board, with backscene board using 3mm MDF.
2. Backscene sky - model railroad sky backscene paper sheets.
3. Backscene garden - adapted from photos of Stourhead gardens and printed on 120g paper.
4. Grass - grass sheet from Dolls House hobby supplier.
5. Paths and Gravel areas - medium grade sand paper.
6. Low relief buildings - constructed from foam board and cardboard.
7. Columns for portico - 5" greek column cake stands
8. 'Roof scape' - adapted from photos of Stourhead house and printed on 120g paper.
9. Garden urns and fountain - smaller Dolls House garden accessories.


  1. Surely a building fit for a king! Great photos - I love the sentry boxes and of course the fountain...


  2. Fantastic work. We will have to send an architechtural student to study in your realm. Great use of the background in the garen photos.

  3. Most excellent!
    (the transparent figure bases work very well on the textured areas like the sandpaper paths)

    Your vignettes are always fun and inspiring, and this setup tops them(so far ;-) ). Also makes me want to do something similar myself for my minis (fantasy, as well as ImagiNation).

  4. Wonderful (as always). The building facade is spectacular and the backdrop is wonderful indeed.

    Very, very impressive!

    -- Jeff

  5. I love the formal gardens. I have always wanted to develop that side a little and have princesses palying at sheperdesses in the pastoral settings.

    In fact come to think of it Suren does a model of Pan playing the pipes. Well perhaps not this week. Nevertheless I am enjoying your discursion very much indeed.