Saturday 7 March 2009

scene: the palace at Wittenberg. King Leopold IV, Count Hermann of Munster and Duke Maurice of Fenwick are discussing recent events ...

Duke: What are we going to do about this affront to your ambassador, and to my military attache, when they travelled through Stagonia ?
King: A most unfortunate incident, being robbed of their posessions and also their coach being taken. They should have waited for the flood waters to recede and proceeded on the safe route.
Count: It would have been a long wait your majesty, I think Count Hatzof took the right course of action.
King: Have we ensured that they have received extra money and funds from the royal bank to cover what they have lost ?
Count: Yes we have received confirmation the extra money has been received by them.
Duke: What are we going to do ?
King: Nothing, it's not worth letting this small incident start a war. Stagonia is a vile place and it's ruler is equally vile - its the sort of vile thing you would expect to happen. Hatzof new the risks anyway. Count Hermann were the false documents being carried by Hatzof confiscated ?
Count: Yes they took everything, Hatzof made such a fuss about his papers they took extra interest in them.
Duke: What false documents ?
Count: Just in case he had to go through Stagonia, we created some documents which in the event of them being confiscated would provide false information to the readers. It looks like that has happened, the contents may give us an edge or confound them.
Duke: what was in them ?
Count: In amongst the normal sort of papers an ambassador would carry we put some about army units positions and strengths; some of which were correct, some false and some wholly ficticious. Also included were documents about ficticious plots to overthrow King Ludwig of Stagonia, citing potential contacts in the army and the nobility - no actual names just initials. We hope the plot papers will distract King Ludwig he'd notoriously paranoid.
Duke: You are most cunning Count Hermann.
King: Yes indeed he is ..
Count: Your Majesty, how do we respond to the cross border raid on Oberstein ?
Duke: Teach them a lesson, invade Saxe-Jarslberg and burn their capital.
King: I think the Duke's idea is most delicious. However any attack on them would result in Monrovia declaring war, we are not ready yet. For now we'll take countermeasures; Count instruct the Field Marshal to send a converged garrison grenadier battalion and Freikorps Boritzy to the south to re-inforce General Waldebeck. Also compensate the people of OberStein for their troubles, use supplies from our magazines and give them money to replace any lost livestock.
Count: The extra troops and the river marines which will be based at Vanderhof should deter Saxe-Jarlsberg. I'll get onto that right way your majesty.
King: Maurice, thats enough of affairs of state for today lets go and find our dear wives and go for a ride.


Bluebear Jeff said...

*smile* . . . Delicious! I love it when the Stagonians are outsmarted.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Bluebear Jeff said...

I forgot to mention the excellence of the interior on your photo. I particularly noted the relections on the floor.

Very well done.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Cunning indeed!

Fitz-Badger said...