Thursday 26 March 2009

Grand Designs (4) - clear base MK2

I wanted to eliminate as much as possible the plastic 'edge' effect, where the cut plastic leaves a white edge to the base. After a hunt around in my bits draw I found some clear plastic from some packaging that I saved.

As you can see in the picture below, the new thinner base is much better (a piece of the previous plastic I was using is shown for comparison).

I now have a basing material I am happy with. I will only be using the clear bases on my 'personality figures' which will be in and around the palace (some 20figs+), the rest will use green bases.

It may be some time before the palace or some of its rooms appear.


  1. Yes, he looks much better . . . the change was a good idea.

    -- Jeff

  2. Such clear bases may also come handy for the minis intended for your future naval/amphibious operations, so that they don't carry with them the desk planking when disembarking (or the jungle vegetation when embarking)?

    It is said that great minds think alike.

  3. Yes, much better! Looking forward to seeing the future vigenttes :-)