Monday 23 March 2009

Grand Designs ?

I really enjoyed the visit to the map room on Campaigns In Germania ( so much so that I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a model scene where my personality figures could be placed in for better pictures.

Initial concept is Wittenberg palace and parts of the gardens. The idea is to have a model palace with removable front and a suitable selection of rooms. A challenging project, but I'm eager to have a go.

Build a model palace - the madness of King Leopold IV !

Before I can think of sketching out some plans, I want to figure out a better way of basing the personality figures than green bases - current idea is to put them on clear plastic bases so they can be placed on different floor/ground effects. This will be tricky as I will have to cut the figure off its base carefully just below the bottom of its shoes.


  1. A really daunting, but indeed fascinating, project!

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  3. Yes, a really interesting idea - I do enjoy the more peaceful vignettes you post... :-)


  4. Can't wait to see your effort. Your vignettes are the best!

  5. This has an interesting sound to it. My thoughts would be to start with a "test figure" (not one of you principal players).

    I would think vertical cuts to trim off the base to around the shoes; then a file to remove excess height.

    I think several of us will look forward to your experiment with interest.

    Good luck, sir!

    -- Jeff

  6. Cool idea! If it be madness rest assured you will not be alone! :-)

  7. I think it would be an excellent addition - every tiny king should have a tiny palace. I visited Blenheim Palace for the first time this weekend and was interested to see a display of toy soldiers that apparently Winston Churchill really liked. Perhaps Leopold could have a collection of toy (1/300th) soldiers in his palace?


  8. Ian - I like the idea of toy soldiers for the king - a little small perhaps.

    Jeff - just the way I was thinking of cutting of the base to prepare I'll see if it works ok.

    -- Allan

  9. You might not need a base at all. Application of stick glue to shoe bottoms, the sticky stuff used by American children in the lower grades for craft projects, should support a miniatures tolerably well.
    Model railroad catalogues have a product that does the same thing but I've never bought it nor do I know the name. See the Walthers catalogue or call them for faster finding it.
    Good luck,