Friday, 20 March 2009

Militia Skirmishers or Brigands ?

A few figs which can be used either as a company of militia skirmishing or to represent a band of brigands or even smugglers.

[Figs: from left to right - Irregular Miniatures SYW Jager, Converted Blue Moon Civilian, 4 Blue Moon Civilians 'out of the box']
[Note: picture updated 21/3/2009, original one was a bit fuzzy]


  1. Skirmishing militia or brigands? In case of guerilla -against a foreign invader or in a rebellion / civil war- they are one and the same: how you call them becomes a matter of perspective...

  2. I beg to differ, Jean-Louis! The Soweiter Militia are patriots (the Batrachians might see things a bit differently...)! ;-)

    Why, the lad second from the right is a mere boy! He can't hardly be much past his first decade...