Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wittenberg - Infantry Regiment on the March

The last regiment of the Boldavian army corps has completed their muster and is on route to Heidelheim for the review.

After crossing the bridge they continue their march (a shot showing my new river section. I've been reading Table Top Teasers Vol1 and liked the idea of a section with an island).

[figs: Infantry-Front Rank, except mounted officer Old Glory, drummer RSM; Pack horses, one set from Irregular Miniatures (at the back) and the other converted from plastic toy animals using greenstuff]


  1. As always I appreciate the dioramic quality of your photos.

    The command stand is quite interesting. Since my bases are 2 figs x 2 figs it wouldn't work for me . . . but with the three figure stands it is quite nice.

    -- Jeff

  2. A pleasant sighting, as usual.
    Good to see its train with a regiment marching away: generally overlooked, but clearly sets a campaign march apart from from a parade.


  3. Yes, indeed, that diorama look is very enjoyable. :-)


  4. I agree with al of the previous comments! Your photos are always a treat!

    Darn, now I'm going to have to make a river section with an island! lol

    Great minds think alike again - I have some pack equines on my painting desk right now - old Foundry minis I've had sitting around partially painted for ages. Finally decided to finish them off.

  5. Photos great and figs too ( I loved the zoo last week ) and the converted pack horses fit in well too!

  6. Hello Allan,

    It's always a pleasure tuning in to see what you have been producing in your corner of the imaginary 18th century! Neat looking work of late on that new infantry regiment and its pack horses. Note to self: must do something like this in future! Your island river section is a nice touch too as are your secondary nation artillery batteries. Eventually, I'll get to my own one of these too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Best Regards,