Saturday 7 February 2009

'Secondary Nations' - Artillery

I decided to start on the secondary nations with the artillery, I had some guns already painted but was not happy with the gun crew, so I bought a pack of Old Glory Prussian Artillery crew and sorted them into sets of 4 figs, enough for 4 guns, rest consigned to spares for conversion.

Here we go then, firstly from Monrovia's ally, Hesse-Limburger ..

Next Wittenberg's ally, the Duchy of Fenwick (uniforms based on Hanover) ..

I have two crew sets left to paint, and also I need to buy two more guns and limbers.
The last battalion of the Wittenberg Boldovian army corps is nearly finished, it's sitting on the painting table waiting final 'touch-up' and basing. When that's done I can get started on the little pile of RSMs I have.
[figs: Gun Crew - Old Glory; Guns + Limber - Irregular Miniatures]

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  1. Ah, nice to see some of the allies being represented :-)