Thursday 1 November 2007

Inuagural Meeting of the Wittenberg Royal Society

The Royal Society of Wittenberg met for the first time today, in the gardens of at the King's summer palace. They extend their fraternal greetings to all scientists, philosophers etc of Europa and hope to establish ties with similiar groups in other countries.

The court artist painted picture of the event, from left to right:

Brother James of Alt-Witendorf, historian, geographer and amateur astronomer. Shown here demonstrating how to view the moons of Saturn (obviously he has been at the sherry again - the abbot will surely displine him when he gets back to the abbey).

Augustus FinkNottelot (at the table), philosopher, who treatise 'When is Now ? or How What is Where' is well known.

Heinrich Furbusten, Natural Philospher, specialist in agriculture, whose is currently publishing his rather complex crop rotation system.

Johann Jungmann, Chemist - often derided for his alchemical researches. He always seems to look very youthful - he says it is down to a healthy diet and good exercise, following a regimen laid down by his distant relative the Count de St Germain.

Gunther Doppelganger, Mathematician - known for his work on the alegbra of dual sets.

Georg Cantor, Natural Philospher - whose Study 'On Song Birds' is widely read.


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Very nice wordplay.

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