Saturday, 15 December 2007

1740 - Encounter at Faffenstadt (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

Its scenario time again; further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

The Battle of Faffenstadt - 1740

The day after the Wittenberg forces had made their attempt to capture the small town of PikaStrudel, three regiments of dragoons which had crossed the river during the night made for the town of Haffenstadt, where the Monrovians had a magazine. The two companies of Monrovian garrison infantry found themselves outnumbered and surrendered. The Wittenberg dragoons stripped the magazine of supplies and loaded up mules and carts; before they left they set the town alight.

Meanwhile at Pikastrudel the Wittenberg troops had crossed back over the river and setup a large artillery battery of heavy guns and mortars and were bombarding PikaStrudel and the Monrovian infantry to the front of the town. The Monrovians could see from the Monastery tower of Pikastrudel that additional Wittenberg troops had arrived on the other side of the river.

Hearing of the Wittenberg actions at Pikastrudel the Monrovian General von Stricknein moved his army up to the east of the town and called for re-inforcements. As he arrived he heard of the raid on Haffenstadt. He sent orders to the Guard cavalry and infantry who were on the march to Pikastrudel to attempt to intercept the Wittenberg dragoons.

Meanwhile the Wittenberg dragoons had reached the town of Faffenstadt, following their orders, they were instructed to wait there till joined by an occupying force on the march from Wittenberg.

A day later as the dragoons stood to waiting for their re-inforcements, the Monrovian guard troops arrived ...


  1. Oh dear, I suspect that those Monrovian troops were less than pleased with the actions of the dragoons . . . and will probably be wanting to chastise them.

    -- Jeff