Saturday, 10 November 2007

Wittenberg - Guard Cavalry Band

The combined Guard bands march past the King and his courtiers...

A close-up of the Guard Cavalry Band (finally finished, they've been sitting on my painting table since August !!):

[Figs: French Napoleonic Guard Bands: Mounted band - converted Mirlton Miniatures Foot Band - Minifigs].


  1. A very nice little diorama! I like it.

    -- Jeff

  2. They look good indeed! And you have the 'flair' to pick great buildings & scenery.

  3. I really like your backgrounds, too. Did you paint them yourself, or are they commercial ones (I assume from a German flat figure company)?

  4. Note: On Backgrounds -
    The backgrounds I use are commercial ones, suitably adapted where needed.

    1) The diorama background in this post was made from a PECO model railway background large sky, with the building cut out from a printed photo stuck on top.

    2) The background in the previous post is a PECO model railway background.

    3) The background around the back of my wargame table is sourced from a mixture of PECO and Noch model railway backgrounds.

    -- Allan