Saturday, 3 November 2007

Duchy of Fenwick - Artillery

The Duchy of Fenwick artillery, just arrived at Tippelbruder, get some practice in.
[all figs are from Irregular Miniatures, 25mm Marlburian range].


  1. What height are the Irregulars ones: "real" 25mm suitable for use with Old Glory, the old Foundry ones and Dixon? Or 28mm like Front Rank?

  2. What a pity that these proud Fenwickians will soon be corpses on the field of Mars.

    Stagonia is coming . . . be afraid . . . be very afraid.

  3. To andygamer

    The irregular infantry figs are approx 28mm from boot to eye. A bit bigger than Old Glory.

    -- Allan

  4. Vile Stagonians. You find their vile progaganda everywhere.

    I wonder if Ambassador Lorre should work on getting a coalition together to rid Urope of the vile Stagonian presence for good?

    They're just so...vile, you know?

    Ed v. H-F