Saturday 22 September 2007

Wittenberg Corp of Observation in Place ..

To: His August Majesty Leopold IV

Your Majesty,

I am pleased to inform you that all elements of the Corp of Observation have reached Heidelheim in Upper Belgravia.

In an initial sweep of the border area by the Uhlans five highwaymen were apprehended, and a band of about 50 brigands dispersed with many of them killed, those captured have been handed over to the civil authoritites for the execution of justice.

The Corp of Observation will shortly go out on manouvres; subsequently they will take up positions for the full time monitoring of the border with Monrovia.

I have just received news that one of the brigands killed had on his person documents which originated in Monrovia; in addition letters from Stagonia were also found. We will investigate these items and I hope that they were only stolen items taken by the brigands from travellers.


Field Marshall, Duke Frederick of Wittenbuffel

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Bluebear Jeff said...

We are not at all surprised to hear that you've discovered a "Stagonian connection" to these brigands.

It has been our experience that nothing is too low for that vile nation to be involved with.

We here in Saxe-Bearstein consider that it is likely that all ills arise from this despicable and vile folk.

We hope that your forces find and destroy all of the Stagonian rot that is invading your fair nation.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein