Saturday 29 January 2022

Sedan Chair Race ....

The annual sedan chair race between the two main carriers in Wittenberg city is due to start; the winner gets first place at the pick up points for the lucrative trade to and from the palace

The race starts at the Unicorn on Helmholtz Strasse, goes along then left through an alleyway into Lowen Platz (Lion Square), round the back of the lion statue to the next street, turning right by the Cauldron and down Konig Strasse finishing at the Golden Pretzel (on the edge of the market square)

At the start ...nearly ready to go .... under starts orders ....

Crowds are gathering at the finish...

They are off ! green gets a good start ....

red cuts inside and get to the alley first... blocking green
red is through the alley into Lowen Platz..
red slow down and then drop the sedan, green however are on fine form and overtake red ...
now it is green who tire a bit and red catches up as they near the Cauldron...
The crowd waiting at the finish line by the Golden Pretzel can just see the lead sedan chair turning into Konig Strasse
As red turns into Konig Strasse, green starts to lag behind...
Red starts to draw ahead as they head down Konig Strasse
Green try and keep up with them ....
As they near the finish line green is on the tail of red....(due to one lucky movement mulligan for green)

with a final burst of speed green passes the finish line first just ahead of red...
The green sedan chair company is the winner !

There was much drinking and jollity afterwards in the Golden Pretzel .....


Sedan Race Rules:

Initiative: 1d6 per side, highest moves first

Movement Distance : 1D6 + 1D3 inches

Movement Mulligan (second chance); if score is double one on movement distance, throw again 

Movement Penalties:

    • for turning a corner, movement penalty - 2 inches

Risk Factor - for each movement throw a 1D6

    • 1: dropped/grounded the sedan chair, movement penalty - 3 inches
    • 2: stumbled, movement penalty - 2 inches
    • 3: slipped, movement penalty - 1 inches
    • 4,5,6: OK


  1. A great and wonderful post. It was very funny and I laughter out load. Outstanding scenery and beautiful set of pictures. My hat is off to you for a amazing post.

    Now, where do I get me some sedan chairs?

    1. One of the sedan chairs shown in the game is from

      Venture Miniatures do one

  2. As Mark said, this is wonderful and amusing. The town looks to be thriving with all of the buildings and people.

  3. Wonderful; simply, wonderful!! Phil

  4. Wonderfully bonkers! Thank you for sharing.
    As usual, beautiful scene setting and crowds.

  5. A nice little earner for the green sedan company. Might I ask what triggers the 'risk' factor? I could see turning a corner might but what else does?

    1. The risk factor applies for every move. I kept it simple although you could add modifiers to cope with corners etc.

  6. Fantastic models and soldier Allan.