Thursday, 20 January 2022

A Blue Rinse for the River sections ....

My main set of river sections ... a bit too brown ? well sort of but they work as rivers.

Rather than start again with a new scheme I decided to give these a blue wash like the stream sections; I mixed up a turqouisey/blue wash mixed with some varnish, applied liberally to each section ...
all done and laid out to dry...
after application of a couple more coats of clear gloss varnish ... now not so brown as originally; I'm happy with the new look
and from lower down the reflectivity I wanted...
all still on the water front 😎


  1. I think they work quite well brown - but dark green is not a bad colour for rivers as well. Ever heard of 'brown water' navies? Riverine vessels along navigable inland watercourses. The Mississippi is noted for its tan appearance...

  2. Good gloss finish , river colours are aways difficut to get right.

  3. It's funny how we believe that blue is the 'proper' colour for rivers and the oceans. But it does look better with blue IMHO

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