Monday 19 August 2019

Underwater ?

After having visited the yards where the new river galley's are being constructed the King went to see an invention made by Cantor of the royal society. On a small tributary to the river Oudear somewhere near Vanderhof, Cantor explains the principle of his fish shaped underwater dirigible and how it could be used to sink small ships ....
the King and the Field Marshal doubt it will be of much use in the turbulent waters of the lower river Oudear ....


  1. I do look forward to seeing more of the Royal Society’s venture.

  2. Incidentally the Duchy of Tradgardland has a similar society know for it’s design ideas and forward thinking ventures.

  3. Excellent use of an otherwise "useless" piece of bric-a-brac. Its future development as an early submarine should be interesting. I'm pondering how to use a rather large (2" tall with an almost 5" wingspan) plastic eagle I rescued from the top of a household flag pole.