Tuesday, 20 August 2019

At Sirtanza - on the road to Minsonda

As they neared the halfway point to Minsonda, just on the other side of the village of Sirtanza, Von Hazant noticed something in the distance coming closer - Begovian Cavalry
as the Begovians formed up ....
Von Hazant ordered the infantry to form square, as the Uhlans prepared to face the opposition cavalry
The Begovians canter forward and the Uhlans advance to meet them ....
The two sides clash ......
 The Uhlans hold, but lose some ground ....the Land Militia cavalry covering the rear have moved up and attacked the Begovian light cavalry which was outflanking the Uhlans ....
 The Begovians start to fall back, with the Uhlans on their heels; the Begovian light cavalry broke off, the Land Militia cavalry fell back to regroup and have caught up with them again ....
 The Begovians in full retreat, Count Boritzy rallies the Uhlans, the Land Militia cavalry are still after their quarry ....

The Begovian attack has been beaten back - Von Hazant will have to wait for his cavalry to reform and rest before starting their march on Minsonda again. The Begovians have gained some valuable time for the rest of their army to reach Minsonda.


  1. Fantastic battle, figures looking great.

  2. Thank you mon ami,
    A splendid and eye-catching action.
    Bill P.
    Chronicler for The Adventures of General Pettygree