Tuesday 12 November 2013

Monrovian Army - Freikorps Von Kladni

After looking through my Monrovian army storage boxes I found three units which were suitable to form into a Freikorps with a small amount of work, the units are:
  • Grenadiers - I repainted a unit (only cuffs, waistcoat & turnbacks) and put the whole lot on new bases, adding a small flag. The uniform is based on that of Freikorps Schony's grenadiers.
  • Hussars - a touch in job only
  • Jagers - uniform in the French style, no work done on this unit
  • Artillery - a spare gun and a couple of crew painted up in a made up uniform.

The grenadier battalion...

 A couple of views of the whole Friekrops ...


  1. Love it! I've been thinking about something similar for my own project the last couple of years. It's simply a matter of finding the extra time, which seems to be proving more difficult the older my son becomes. I thought, fool that I've been, it might get slightly easier as he became a preschooler and time would become available once again. Anyway, lovely units and Freikorps. Enjoy them.

    Best Regards,


  2. Splendid! Freikorps and other units of similar ilk are handy fellows to have on the fringes of the main battlefields and theatres. Enriches a campaign, I'm thinking...

  3. Fine fellows all. Good work over the last few days.

  4. They look great. I'm glad you stuck to your system of organizing the command stands, very appealing.