Saturday 16 November 2013

Monrovian Army - 2nd Infantry Brigade

More Monrovian infantry, three units in WSS style uniforms, some work done on each
  • Prinz Wilhelm (at the back), cuffs changed to white and new flags.
  • Leib Regiment (in the middle), lapels painted over; general touch in and new flags
  • Erbprinz (at the front), coats repainted dark blue, new mounted officer and new flags
 (Source of HK WSS uniform info taken from Wilkes Brigade at Blenheim and d'Herleville's Brigade at Blenheim ).


  1. Very sharp! I like the flags especially.

    Best Regards,


    1. When I found the HK Blenheim uniform info at the flags were what really caught my eye - really nice with interesting designs - just right for my Monrovian amry tidy up.

      -- Allan

  2. The morale of those battalions will be greatly boosted by the reissue of uniforms and their flash new flags. Just the ticket!