Sunday 24 November 2013

Monrovian Army - 3rd Infantry Brigade and Artillery

The last of the Monrovian infantry, three units in WSS style uniforms, some work done on each. Also the artillery has been done as well....

3rd Infantry brigade:
  • von Wartensleben -cuffs to dark blue, trouser red and new flags
  • von Stuckrad - cuffs to yellow ochre and new flags
  • Grenadier Regiment - complete repaint and new flags
Artillery - complete repaint of crew and cannon.


Well on with the review,  Monrovian staff check all is ready for inspection ...
Grenadier Regiment and heavy artillery battery
Infantry regiments von Wartensleben (at back) and von Stuckrad (middle) with field battery in front


  1. Splendid - you have a wonderful collection. :-)



  2. There is something very neat and dapper about your armies and I like the Commanders, staffs and hangers-on as well. Very nice and colourful. One thing, though. That dude with the keg is looking to have his ... erm ... future ... uh... hazarded... :-)

  3. Nothing inspires like a military review. Well done, sir!