Sunday 10 November 2013

Monrovian Army - 1st Infantry Brigade

Still going - have now run out of flags - will have to print some more :) ....

I had three units of infantry already in SYW Hesse-Kassel uniforms, so these have been provided with new flags,
  • No 3: F├╝silier-Regiment v. Gilsa (at the back)
  • No.6  Grenadier-Regiment (in the middle)
  • von Wurmb, historically a militia unit (at the front), The figures used  have also had the cuffs and pom-pom changed from red to yellow ochre.
This is the last of the initial group of posts on the Monrovian Army - more to follow but I have quite a bit of rework/repainting to do on the rest of the units. Next post will be the Friekorps.