Sunday, 12 May 2013

40mm: Saxe-Jarlsberg - riding to the capital ...

The 40mm figs shown here now completed; the completed figures, apart from the officer on foot with spyglass from Front Rank, were assembled from various figs and oddments in the spares box (Irregular Miniatures; Mathias Manke; Front Rank and Sash & Sabre heads; Creartec & Prince August home-casts) ....
Near the Saxe-Jarlsberg capital, a couple of soldiers step to one side to get out of the way of an approaching rider ....
The rider is a senior office from the Duchy of Noverre's army, he is to join the Saxe-Jarlsberg general staff...
It is also rumoured that the Herzog of Saxe-Jarlsberg is in discussion with the Duke of Noverre about hiring some troops (we shall see....)


Meanwhile on a hill marking the border between Saxe-Jarlsberg and the Hofland, officers from the Wittenberg army are checking for enemy activity....


  1. Nice looking figures - who makes the dog figure ?

  2. Very nice figures and painting as always. Well done.

  3. Always lovely work and craftmanship,

  4. Can't remember where I got the dog from, I think it was an 'O' guage model railway accessory

    -- Allan

  5. Very nice loking figures...and pictures!