Friday, 17 May 2013

That damnable Hook .....

The 40mm chaps get back onto the table for 'catch the raiders game' ...
The border war in the south with Saxe-Jarlsberg grumbles on, no major military incursions - but mostly raids across the border from Saxe-Jarlsberg - who have paid the local brigands for their services. The most well known of the brigands is the Hook, he and his brethren have joined with a small detachment of Saxe-Jarlsberg regulars. After a successful raid they are on their way back to cross the border, with their booty in a captured wagon and on some pack ponies.....
The Hook discusses the best route to the border with the Saxe-Jarlsberg army officer ... 
 The border patrols are active, they can summon adjacent nearby patrols by blowing their horns ...
 The raiders make their move and get started ...
The Hook leads the main group through towards the nearby village, while two smaller groups act as flank guards.
 The patrols continue to move on their allotted paths ...
 The raiders are now into the outskirts of the village ..
The chasseurs spot the movement in the village and blow their horn, an answering horn is heard from the nearby jager patrol and some distant responses from other patrols, the Hook and the raiders will have to move quickly ...
The Hook directs one of his flank guards to engage the chasseurs, as the booty is moved through the village..
The small group of Saxe-Jarslberg regulars forming the left flank guard open fire, but soon find they are outnumbered as the nearest jager patrol hurries up to support the chasseurs ...
The raiders left flank guard falls back after taking too many casualties ..., meanwhile the wagons and pack mules carrying the booty from the raid are moved further around the village ...
Two more adjacent patrols arrive, some chasseurs in the path of the 'booty' train, and some more jagers ...
The border patrols close in on the raiders ...
 The Hook directs the raiders to stand and fight ... But their casualties mount ...
The raiders unable to hold their ground, leave the wagon and escape towards the woods with the pack horses, the Hook gives a departing flourish with his hook and a shouts curse at his pursuers before joining the rest of his men.
  The Hook and the remaining raiders escaped capture, but not with all their booty.


  1. Wonderfully illustrated report! I love the flock of sheep milling about. Do they hinder movement?

    1. The sheep are moved using a direction dice + d6 inches; they get in the way - usually count them as an obstacle - 50% move if passing through flock or herd of animals (mind you for larger animals like cattle -you could add risk of stampede and injury).

      -- Allan

  2. A very enjoyable report of a crisp action, with marvelous eye-candy as usual!

  3. Are you casting your soldiers yourself? what kind of molds are you using? Thanks!

    1. In the game shown I was using 40mm figures sourced as follows
      Raiders: mixed lot from Front Rank (AWI), Irregular Miniatures (AWI/SYW) and Sash&Sabre(AWI).
      Chasseurs: Irregular Miniatures (Freikorps running)
      Jagers: Sash&Sabre (AWI)

      I do homecast as well using Prince August, Nurnberger Mesiterzinn and Creartec molds.

      -- Allan

  4. thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, Prince August and Nurn Meisterzinn are not compatible, as i have discovered at my expenses. which one of the three are you using most often?

    1. The Nurn Meisterzinn and Prince August do differ in size the NZ being nearer 45mm. I use the Prince August most often, with Creartec a close second.

      My 40mm collection consists of two armies:
      Saxe-Jarlsberg & Allies: practically all Prince August homecasts, one unit of Nurn Meisterzinn Hussars which aren't too different in size, with the artillery from Irregular Miniatures.

      The Wittenberg Army: Mix of Creartec homecast, Irregular Miniatures and Sash&Sabre.

      You can see them in action here

      -- Allan

  5. Oh, Allan, thats - again - a wonderful scenery you present us. I am looking for a long while at each picture, enjoying them deeply.
    Me too, I combine this ranges like you, as well. I just added Manske figures to them, which gave me a good composition.