Thursday, 23 May 2013

40mm: Sorting out my wagons...

I had a quick check of the wagons I use for 40mm gaming; these have to be generic enough to use in 17C and 18C; I have 1 water barrel cart, 2 four wheel wagons and 2 two wheel wagons.
The four wheel wagons had their loads removed and have been re-painted as needed with some new removable barrel loads made for them.  The two wheel wagons however I was not satisfied with, so I scrapped them and kept the useable bits; then made some new cart bodies from 2mm cardboard
A quick paint up - shown below with their (removable) loads ....


  1. Very nice, sir. Quite usable for many battlefields . . . and especially for the Grant "Wagon Train" Scenario:

    (see April '78 -- No. 2 "The Wagon Train").

    -- Jeff

  2. Great looking wagons, very nice work!