Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Irregulars on a mission ...

Captain Schongron had been in Saxe-Jarlsberg gathering information, he had been captured on his way back to Wittenberg and was being held in the small town of Hofstadt just over the border in Saxe-Jarlsberg.   A rescue mission has been assembled, Madame Givenchy and her Irregulars have got the job ....
Madame Givenchy receives final instructions form the Grey Rider ....
they have a little assistance - a detachment form the King's jagers led by Captain Scharfe..
 Their objective, the small town of Hofstadt, they have to locate and release Captain Schongron..
Of they go....
across the fields, the mounted contingent gathers by the barn ...
the jagers exchange fire with the defenders as some of the Irregulars move up to the inn by the crossroads ..
the Irregulars get stuck in downing some of the opposition and get in close to the inn...
Meanwhile the jagers clear an outlying cottage ..
fighting intensifies round the inn ...
Madame Givenchy, by the church has just signalled the riders to move up ...
they canter down the road to support the rest of the Irregulars who are still tying to capture the inn
the riders reach the crossroads, while jagers pin down the defenders of the manor house
the Irregulars are nearly into the inn,
with the attention of the defenders focussed on their defence of the manor house, the captive Captain Schongron (in white coat) makes a break for it and runs out into the road - the officer commanding the defenders exits the house agrees to terms ...
another successful mission for the Irregulars, three of the ladies are wounded and one of the King's jagers killed.


  1. Agreed! And your scenery and set-up is one of the very best yet. he improvised roads/tracks look good and fit in well the rest of your scenery.

    Best Regards,


  2. A well documented little affair, indeed!

  3. Bravo les filles !
    Enjoyable report with eye-candy -as usual: compliments an thanks!

  4. Great thought into Your Placement of Terrain and Buildings- looks Fabulous!- Enjoy your Posts Greatly. Regards -KEV.