Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pelardon: meanwhile at Fausignac

The Monrovians have been busy and have been working on the mine under the defences of Fausignac.

While the battle at Contignac is in progress, an engineer reports that the mine is ready; set the charges and blow it commands the officer
 at the mine entrance the chief of engineer relays the order to one of the sappers
the fuse is lit and everyone takes cover, a large explosion erupts , the blast knocking over some of the defenders and their cannon....

what will be seen when the dust settles ? ....


  1. A powerful explosion! But is it enough to cause a usable breech?


  2. What will happen next I too wait with bated breath and ongoing enjoyment too.

  3. I hope the storming part is ready, just in case.

  4. Realistic - believable and fun!
    Well done!,
    Bill P.