Friday, 12 April 2013

Pelardon: the return of the Duke ...

The Monrovians have exploded a mine .... (continued from the previous posts)..
The dust settles from the explosion of the mine ...
The Monrovians look in disbelief - there is no breach - the mine was placed short ..... they continue with their daily siege routine .. and prepare to start work on another mine ...
With the Monrovians in full retreat after their defeat at Contignac, General Stricknein manages to form a rearguard from the more stable regiments from his command, the rest of the army has degraded into a rabble. The General passes orders for the troops at Fausignac to withdraw to a hussar courier who sets off at the gallop ....
At dusk when the messenger arrives at Fausignac, the commander of the troops sieging the city, orders a withdrawal during the night - they will retire south then head back to Monrovia.

Early the next morning at Fausignac, the defenders after what they thought an unsually quiet night take their posts at the defences only to see no enemy in the trenches or anywhere nearby, an officer checks in the distance with his spyglass ....
In the distance he sees the head of the relief column ....
The Duke enters the city to the sound of ringing bells and cheers from the inhabitants...
The Monrovians continued their retreat, harried all the way to the border by Von Messing leading the Pelardon and allied troops. The attempt to annex Pelardon had been another big mis-adventure for the Monrovians.


  1. I really like those wonderful pictures, great work!

  2. An exciting mini-campaign, and so marvelously illustrated!

  3. Well done!
    Really good images and text.

  4. I read the account of the siege with great enjoyment; the pictures were superb and you kept the audience wondering what the outcome would be. Very, very well done. I am very impressed and you have inspired me to do something similar. Many thanks! David