Monday 10 December 2012

40mm: Artillery 'reworks' completed...

Saxe-Jarlsberg's allies, Hesse-Limburger, now have their own artillery contigent -  limber set from NZ molds, gun and crew from Irregular Miniatures.
Count Pottsendorf watches the Hesse-Limburger artillery at drill
The artillery from Wittenbergs' Zinzendorf provice have received a new limber set from NZ molds.
I've replaced the guns for the Wittenberg artillery with some from Sash & Sabre but used some Irregular Miniatures gun barrels instead - existing NZ limbers sets have been repainted - all in the gun colours used by the Duchy of Saxony (crew unchanged - these were cast from Creartec molds).
General Waldebeck watches the new Wittenberg artillery at practice


Scheck said...

What a fine artillery and equipment you created! Splendid idea of combining the different ranges. I prefer the Genral Waldebeck because of its Saxony inspired uniforms - a joy to look!
Regards, Monseigneur

littlejohn said...