Saturday, 15 December 2012

A briefing for the King ...

Late one afternoon in the library, the King heard the knock from the large lectern,
He pressed the release catch for the secret door and was greeted by Count Hermann, 'Ready your Majesty ?', the king climbed into the lectern and they worked their way down the steep stone steps into the passages and cellars under the palace. 'This way your Majesty' said the Count ...
They arrived in one of the larger cellars; here Count Hermann had setup his 'operations' room; it was here he collated information from border patrols, spies and reports from ambassadors..
The Field Marshall joined them to dicuss the current status of the border wars in the south-west with  Saxe-Jarlsberg and the state of the Monrovian army.
Following the briefing, the King and the Count used another of the passages and came up inside the small cottage in the palace grounds - after a quick dust off they emerged to have a brief walk ....
After returning to the palace the King changed his clothes and joined his wife and some of the court for a spot of tiffin. 


  1. Very nice, sir. I do enjoy your images of the Court life.

    -- Jeff


  2. Knock Knock
    Who`s there.

    Nice to see that idea come together.

  3. Better than any James Bond / SPECTRE secret HQ! A very fine Lacepulp detail.
    Btw , what about the Order of the Phoenix?

  4. Fascinating stuff. Like the idea of the secret door in the lectern, and the gardens look as though they influenced those at Stourhead.

  5. Lovely vignettes, dude. They give a fine background to the military operations... You need a spy, methinks. However, Jochen von der Bloseven is in the service of Altmark-Uberheim...


  6. I do so love your vignettes esp the indoors ones...
    best wishes

  7. Ausgezeichnet Mein Herr!
    Excellent Sir!
    Love it,

  8. I especially like the King's library and the public court room with all of the paintings.