Wednesday 19 December 2012

Palace Servants ...

With all the extra people expected at the palace this Xmas, additional servants have been hired and a new livery introduced.

[servants : 2 from Jacdaw; 1 from Old Glory, the rest from Brigade Games Milady and Household Staff (BG-MSW008)]


  1. I love it! But have you heard any news of Mr. Bates?

    Best Regards,


  2. (I've only gotten through the first season of Downton on netflix as the rest isn't available there yet)

    Very nice work on the miniatures. I like the new livery, and they all seem to work well together, with enough variation in size to look like regular people, without looking grotesque.

  3. We are working our way through the first season of Downton on DVDs. One more episode to watch and then we will watch season 2. I hear that season 3 starts this January, so we should be caught up by then. Good old Bates, he will come through some how.

  4. Great figures. Sadly I can't leave a Downtonesque quip, not having seen it, but I am reminded of Mr. Bilton, the butler of Belborough Hall in Trumpton (more my level). Best wishes for the festive season as well...