Saturday 8 September 2012

Wittenberg - Kings Jagers ...

A new unit for the Wittenberg army, out of the lead mountain and into their uniforms. The battalion is made up from a mix of figures and converted spares - half of the unit is Foundry prussian jagers and the rest converted Foundry, Jacdaw, Eagle and Old Glory, plus a couple of converted Perry Nap. french dragoons. Most conversions involved new arm sets taken from spare Wargames Factory WSS and Perry plastics bits.
The Kings Jagers out on manouvres, skirmish line is forming up....
the commander and a small group of jagers move up ...
officer directs jagers as they exit the churchyard ....
Overview of jagers in and around the church, with staff officers looking on ....


  1. Yes, a very lively and animated unit.

    Best Regards,


  2. Very nice! A good variety of poses and figures, but a cohesive unit still.

  3. I like them, sir. Well done indeed.

    -- Jeff