Tuesday 25 September 2012

Wittenberg: King reviews the Guard du Corps

The Queen and Prince Albert have come out to see the review,  the Prince wants to see his Kurprinz cuirassier regiment on parade with the Garde Du Corps
The King rides up to start the review....
The Garde du Corps at the front and Kurprinz cuirassier behind them...
The King congratulates the commander of the Garde du Corps on the turnout of the regiment ....
No new units here, just re-paints:
- Garde Du Corps (Elite Miniatures), the most work - repaint of my Chevalier Garde, orginally in redcoats, in the uniform of the Saxon Garde Du Corps, wearing their coat over the cuirass - I filled in over the waistcoat to represent the cuirass.
- Kurprinz cuirassier (Front Rank)- these have a small paint tweak so that they appear to have the coat over the cuirass as well.

The Chevalier Grade will re-appear soon (single squadron), also another regiment of cuirassier awaits in the lead pile.