Friday, 14 September 2012

Monastery (1) - builders are busy ...

The monks of Alt-Wittenberg are currently in transit to a new monastery (taking their beehives with them). They are moving up the valley to join a larger community.


So I thought I better make the new monastery; I decided to use the cloister and buildings from a 1:87 card construction book
and 'join' it to my gothic church (made from Pegasus sets); so I cut into the gothic church base and added a new side base with the ground plan part of the card kit stuck on.
Next I assembled the cloisters and buildings from the card kit and stuck them to the base - the card kit is a bit fiddly but goes together well; shown below is a first fit of the two bases with a bell tower (from a 1:87 church kit), and a chapter house that I found in a local charity shop.
still plenty of work to do ...more to follow....


  1. Very industrious ! , I marvel at your building skills !

  2. I am pleased to see, that in the midst of war, Wittenberg can still find the time and resources to build for peace. Good stuff!