Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wittenberg: Some news and a conference ...

The King meets with Count Hermann on his way to the map room for a conference with the Field Marshal about the border wars in the south....

Count Hermann: Sad news your majesty, your elderly cousin Ludwig of Zinzendorf has passed away.
King: That is very sad news, I only received a letter from him last month 
Count Hermann: Did you know that as he died without issue you inherit his title and lands
King: Really ?
Count Hermann: Yes. I have received assurances from the ambassador of the Imperium that they will not oppose the inheritance.
King: We'll have a look at the maps to see where the Principality Zinzendorf is when we see the Field Marshal. 

The King, Count Hermann and the Field Marshal meet in the map room ...

Field Marshal: here is map of the area around the Kingdom of Wittenberg, you can see that Zinzendorf is in the south west.

King: Inheriting Zinzendorf means we will control more access to the trade on the river Oudear.
Count Hermann: Yes indeed. It will make a good addition to our lands, adding to the recently 'acquired' Braunlandt and Hoflandt.
King: I am most annoyed with Hesse-Limberger's disruption of trade on the river Oudear, they have been raising tariffs and impounding goods destined for Wittenberg.
Field Marshal: here is a map showing more detail of the southern border region. ..
Field Marshal: I suggest an attack on the main Hesse-Limberger trading town of Hottenweldt - we can send the river marines on boats from Vanderhof with additional support - landing by the wharf's, destroying the facilities plus stored goods and if we have time attack the town itself.
King: Excellent idea, make the necessary arangements; that will send a clear message to them.



  1. Death and inheritance, such are the things great kingdoms are amassed...

  2. Cry havoc!
    Then, the Marines may face thougher days than when patrolling against smugglers.