Sunday 7 November 2010

Down South in Hesse-Limberger

The little fort is completed (iwth ramp) and in position for a couple of piccies ...


South of Wittenberg, further down the river Oudear in Hesse- Limberger, the officer in charge of a fort keeps a close eye on the boats moving up and down the river.

Where is Hesse-Limberger ? its south of Saxe-Jarslberg, south of ... hmmm better get a map of the southern border region updated !


  1. A w6nderful first command for a deserving young captain...

  2. The little fort turned out great! Doesn't seem like it took you long to make either.

  3. Speed of build aided by
    1. plan and measure up
    2. Simple construction
    3. fast drying glue
    4. simple paint scheme
    5. use of stone effect printed paper sheets.

    Overall took me about 6 hours or so to make.

    -- Allan

  4. Damme I'll have to make one in 40mm its tasty. Andy