Saturday, 20 November 2010

Prinz Albrecht Kurassier on Parade ....

At the palace the King and the Field Marshal ride out to inspect the Prinz Albrecht Kurassier regiment (figs are from Front Rank)


Meanwhile in the south General Waldebeck
is on the move with his staff and small escort of Uhlans ...

I 've replaced my 40mm personality figure of General Waldebeck with a nice one from Drabant; he now wears a nice new coat and rides the horse presented to him by the King for his services during the 3rd Belgravian wars.


  1. A fine looking fella.
    Incidentally what bases do you use for your 40mm - the generals looks plasitc or resin?

  2. I used some Games Workshop oval bases which I bought in a sale at Hobbycraft, filled/covered over the figure bases with plastic wood and then added some green scatter material


  3. Alan thanks for that I was lookgin for bases for my 40mm "Charge-ish Cavalry these even though GW should fit the bill.