Saturday, 13 November 2010

Raid on Hottenweldt

Looming out of the early morning mist the fort commander spots the Wittenberg raiding force; the River Marines in their boats towing barges full of  Grenadiers. The fort fires their cannon to little effect as the daywatch has not arrived and they are shorthanded ...
The Grenadiers land and make their way to the rear of the fort, while the fort's day watch rush through the main gate.
The River Marines reach the wharfs and start to disembark ....
Hearing the sound of  cannon fire from the fort the town militia turn out and send a group of men to protect the warehouses...
The Grenadiers move to attack the fort entrance .....
The militia deploy while their commanding officer remonstrates with the garrison commander for not moving his regiment forward (he has strict orders to protect the town) ...
The River Marines work their way along the wharf, as the militia sets up a barricade to defend the warehouses
The grenadiers break through into the fort .....
the River Marines attack the militia defending the warehouses
The main body of the militia hold their ground; the River Marines have beaten back those defending the warehouses and prepare to set fire to the buildings. The raiders seeing the town garrison regular troops in the distance make a decision to withdraw
The River Marines cover the embarkation of the troops onto the boats while the buildings at the wharfside are ablaze .....
The rading forces leave, using their boats and some commandeered from the wharfside


  1. A swift commando raid!
    True, the attackers enovyed an overall advantage since the fort was undermanned.
    An eye-candy series of illustrations, as usual: thanks!

  2. An opening salvo (so to speak) . . . what will it presage, I wonder?

    A nice report (as always).

    -- Jeff

  3. Interesting, clever, very good and varied terrain. Well done!!! Well done always -- actually. Looking in on your activites is part of my routine.

  4. A wonderful little scenario with great photos. Well done indeed!

  5. What a splendid little action .

  6. Agreed! Terrific fun to read and ogle.

    Best Regards,


  7. A truly imspiring report and series of pictures - looks like a fun game.
    I think I'll be stealing this idea for my own ACWesque collection.

    I always look forward to reading updates on your blog.

    all the best


  8. Yes, very nicely done and presented as always.