Friday, 19 February 2010

Saxe-Jarlsberg Raid on Hanskopf

The Saxe-Jarlsberg border wars continue ... (a game using 40mm figures) ...

Scenario: The Wittenberg army has been stockpiling munitions and supplies in a number of forward magazines. Saxe-Jarslberg nervous about this military build-up makes a pre-emptive raid on Hanskopf.

The Action

The Saxe-Jarlsberg troops (1 company grenadiers, 2 companies of musketeers and a company of jagers) have crossed the river Oudear on boats , moving up one of the river's side channels they have landed at the wharf near Hanskopf, they have left a small boat guard ...
They moved inland swiftly and have taken Hanskopf. They have trashed the stores there and are loading up powder, shot and grenades, plus some brandy. They are keeping an eye out for the Wittenberg forces in the area ... The manager of the magazine had escaped and ridden to raise the alarm ...
The wagons are loaded and are on their way back to the wharf, the jagers drive off some local militia. The commander of the raid has stayed behind in Hanskopf with a rear guard of one company.
As the wagons continue their journey regular Wittenberg troops arrive on either side of their route; a company of Boritzy Freikorps grenadiers and the King's Jager corps. The Saxe-Jarlsberg grenadiers move to attack the Kings Jager corps ....
The King's Jager corps accurate fire halts the grenadiers and they retire to defend the rear of the wagon convoy.
Meanwhile in Hanskopf the rearguard has fought bravely and held off a company of militia and the Boritzy Freikorps chasseurs, however they have lost many casualties and have retired back down the town street ...
Leaving the militia to deal with the remains of the Saxe-Jarslberg rearguard the Boritzy Freikorps chasseurs form up and march round the town to try and catch up with the raiding party ...
The Saxe-Jarslberg  party is being squeazed between the Boritzy Freikorps grenadiers and the King's Jager corps; they are taking heavy casualties as the contents of all the wagons are loaded onto the waiting boats...
The remaining Saxe-Jarlsberg troops make it into the boats and they pull away from the wharf, firing as they go with swivel guns from the boats. All the Wittenberg troops can do is to take pot shots as they get away ...
The commander of the raid makes his escape into the woods, while the local militia make sure the town of Hanskopf is secure.


  1. A brilliant demonstration that a crisp, enjoyable action does not always require huge model armies!
    Your 'dynamic diorama' is such eye-candy, as usual.

  2. Delightful!


  3. I agree!
    Another well-illustrated and enjoyable report!

  4. A wonderful report -- as always, a true pleasure to read!

  5. Wonderful images (as always) and a nice tight little action of the type that went on far more than we realize.

    Thank you for once again showing us that we don't need to have 500 figures a side to have an enjoyable and challenging game.

    And I love the boats.

    -- Jeff

  6. Yeah, where did you get (or how did you build) those boats?

  7. boats made using Playmobil toy boat hulls; barges made using lego and megablocks boats.

    -- Allan

    (See for better pictures,

    and for construction,

  8. How have I overlooked this?? Wonderful game; great scenario idea, too.
    I'm impressed by the boats and wagons. Care to tell us about them?

  9. Boats were fun to build (see info in previous comment).

    Wagons and draft horses are painted up childrens toys which were obtained from the now defunct Woolworths; the horse leaders are a couple of ECW figs converted to look neutral enough for 17C or 18C.

    -- Allan

  10. Good to see your 40mm in action. I am also using these for OSW gaming.