Saturday, 13 February 2010

Palace Interior (6) - The Throne Room

The duall ball/throne room setup as the throne room; the stage for the musicians has been removed (it fits over the raised area),  the thrones have been installed. The thrones are from a modified Kiddies toy palace set.
As you can see, there are people waiting to be presented to the King & Queen (the seated king and queen are Tradition figure torsos fitted to the bottom half of sitting Eureka civilians )

Waiting to be presented are General Waldebeck (in his dress Cuirassier uniform) and the flambouyant Count Boritzy ...

Currently being presented is an ambassador from the Imperium, he is asking for a meeting with the King to discuss the affect of the Saxe-Jarslberg border wars on trade along the river Oudear. The king is most pleased to meet him and is enquiring as to where he obtained his magnificant hat ...


  1. Brilliant! A wonderful Court scene.

    -- Jeff

  2. I hope you are constructing a suitable chamber for Reich Duke Wilhelm's next visit...

  3. You might consider buying some of the Suren Potsdam Garde Grenadiers to flank the throne. They look more formal in pose and are holding their muskets with the left arm extending straight out to the side with the musket grounded. I use them for my Hesse Seewald Garde.

    Where did you get the upholstered chairs with the cabriolet legs?

    All in all, a very nice vignette and a lot of creativity on your part.

  4. Excellent! I'd also like to know where he got that hat...


  5. The upholstered chairs come from Eureka 18th Century Civilian sets

    100CIV13 Captive audience
    100CIV14 More tea vicar?
    100CIV15 Take your order sir?
    100CIV16 Ooh you are awful...

    You get a table with cloth and three chairs in each set.

    -- Allan