Friday 26 February 2010

18C Colonial (in the pipeline....)

Having got the Wittenberg and Monrovian armies in a state where I am now adding units to flesh out the armies I am going to revisit the colonial ideas.

A (long) while back I was considering some 18C colonial adventures for emigres from Wittenberg. The two areas were Pirates in the West Indies and some thing set in India based around the Carnatic wars. Both of these projects are now in the planning stages.

I have ships and pirate figures (unpainted) and collecting up some scenic bits for these. I am currently reading up on the SYW in India; the prospect of sepoys, loacl allies, camel mounted artrillery and war elephants is very interesting.

I am not sure that they would fit into this blog or not, so I am thinking of starting two more blogs one for each.


  1. Now that is a great idea!
    Indeed for some time now I've been hoping one 'EvE' member or another would launch such a project (and I confess to have pestered some of them more than once with the suggestion!. Maybe your example will be followed?

    Now, separate blogs? As long as these two oversea campaigns are contemporary with the Wittemberg - Monrovia one they would not be out of place here. Or, even if not interlinked, they could share a common "18C colonial adventures" blog?

    Looking eagerly forward to follow the unfolding of this exciting project!

  2. I don't know in what period this fellow wargamer will set his Lead adventures in India, but for sure tricorns look good against Indian huts!

    The defunct London War Room had an extensive 'Indian' range, with elephants, zambereck camels and rocketeers, but unfortunately no other manufacturer seems to have picked up & resurrected it so far?

    Both Saxe-Huack and Herrschaden hinted to oversea endeavours of their own; Carpiana (or Courland) certainly has the means to do the same, and what about Vile Ludwig (or his mother) getting rid of the Duchess of Saschen-Vindow by sending her at the head of an expedition to cannibal lands? If several 'EvE' countries are present oversea, they can even ally to face the equivalent of the Boxers rebellion (but in Guinea, Sudan or India?), if only as a 'battle by proxy'?

  3. Blog your overseas activities here since your naval and colonial forces will be important parts of your kingdoms. That proxy battles idea like a Boxers rebellion is a good one.

  4. Finally got round to becoming a follower after months of following.

    Love this stuff, as at heart I think I will always be an Old Schooler.


  5. Sounds like it can't be anything but good...(but I'm finding having multiple gaming blogs hard to sustain time-wise, but they make sense to keep "like things together" as my former mother in law would say...)


  6. Do whatever works for you blog-wise. I'm sure I'll follow either way.

    I did some Colonial gaming decades ago and have a growing urge to do more (thanks to various blogs! as well as recent re-viewings of old Colonial movies). As Jean-Louis has suggested in various venues I'll likely start by building up some native forces and pit some of my ImagiNation forces against them. Maybe eventually updating to 19th century Colonial forces.

  7. Seemingly the time is ripe for such endeavors: Saxe-Huack just took the plunge. Great minds think alike....

  8. Will probably go with one blog; initial idea for title 'Adventures in the Indies'.

    First thing to do though is to try and finish off some of my other projects to a good basline state and reduce my unpainted lead mountain so there is storage space for new stuff.

    -- Allan