Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Marquise of Finkelstadt

The Marquise of Finkelstadt is the daughter of the Herzog of Saxe-Jarlsberg. A keen horsewoman she enjoys riding her favourite horse.

The Marquise is a converted civilian figure on a spare horse;
some fiddly work with the old green-stuff but worth it.

The Marquise if currently about her favourite pastime hunting for truffles with her pet pig Odette. As she is the Herzog's daughter she has an appropriate escort, with some guard cavalry keeping an eye on her from a distance.


  1. Hunting truffles! fantastic stuff! That's a serious looking escort in the background though.

  2. I love this! The marquise looks like an attractive young woman and I like the tuffle-hunting and pig vignette. :-) Nice work as usual!
    (although I prefer chocolate truffles myself. lol)

  3. You need to commerically produce this enchanting lady. Female riders are impossible to find...