Monday, 25 May 2009

Boats and Barges

A boat takes two barges laden with goods up the River Oudear (barges/boat made using lego and megablocks boats).

Three recently completed boats for use by the Wittenberg river marines, are on the way down the River Oudear to Vanderhof (boats made using Playmobil toy boat hulls).


  1. These all look great! I particularly like the loaded barges.

    -- Jeff

  2. A pleasant and inspirational sight! Looking forward for the 'riverine' actions -a very original and underpractised setting.

  3. OK now Those are Really Cool...and TOMORROW I'm going to have to be off to the local toy store for Playmobile! wife is certain that she has married a crazy person.

  4. hope you have a productive fun visit to the toy store

    (Playmobil item 4295, is what I used to get the hulls for the River Marine's boats).

    -- Allan